Welcome to Blackwell's First Presbyterian Church - "the church where love grows." Originally organized in 1896, the Blackwell First Presbyterian Church has been blessed throughout its history with caring members eager to serve the local congregation and foster the goals of the national church. The many activites of Blackwell First Presbyterian have spanned the years without change, connecting the generations that have come and gone. Yet, through the resilience and strong service and dedication of its members, Blackwell First Presbyterian has maintained an atmosphere of love amidst the inevitable changes that all churches face.

If you wish, you can access our monthly publication, "The Lamplighter" (in pdf format, will open in a new window) by simply clicking the button below.

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Central to our church life are our worship Services and Sunday School classes. We supplement these programs with Special Events, outlined in both our weekly calendar and The Lamplighter, our monthly newsletter.


As required by the Book of Order, our church is governed and administered by our dedicated Staff, Elders, and Session Committee.


Stewardship and community responsibilities fostering fellowship, growth, and service are carried out under the direction of Men's Ministries, PW Presbyterian Women, and Deacons. Committees for Christian Education, Evangelism & Membership, Stewardship & Mission, Trustees, and Worship guide our church.


Blackwell's First Prebyterian Church offers Christian education, Bible study, and life lessons for members of all ages through our Sunday School, Youth 1st-7th, and Youth-High School programs. Our Music activities are an integral part of all of our services and programs.