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evangelism & membership committee

Develop and administer a program of evangelism to help members assume their responsibilities as witnesses to Jesus Christ in the congregation and the community
Develop and administer a plan for greater visibility of First Presbyterian Church in the community
Develop and administer plans for programs and events to encourage members to invite others to participate in the life and ministry of the congregation
Develop and administer a strategy to encourage visitors to join the congregation, including but not limited to:
Schedule Greeters for worship
Organizing and Administering plan of visitation of members and visitors
Schedule and provide for new member classes as needed
Develop a brochure for the congregation
Oversee Website design and updates
Develop and administer plan to incorporate new members in life and leadership of the congregation
Present New Members to Session and Congregation
Organize and implement with the pastor and the Christian Education Committee, a program of Confirmation for Youth in the congregation
Review rolls at least annually, visiting with those who have become less active, and recommending changes roll to the session