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The Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) is distinctly a confessional and a connectional church, distinguished by the representation of elders - laymen and laywomen - in its government. The Greek word "presbuteros" meaning "elder," used 72 times in the New Testament, provided the name for the Presbyterian family of churches which includes the Reformed churches of the world. Both names designate churches of the Calvinist tradition. To find out more about what we believe, refer to our "What Presbyterians Believe" section.

If you would like to become a member of First Presbyterian Church of Blackwell, Oklahoma, Contact the church office at 580.363.1460 or feel free to email us. The first step is to visit with the pastor or one of the elders.

First requirement is faith in Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.
Instruction in the church doctrine is available for adults. You join by Confession of Faith, by Reaffirmation of Faith or by transferring your membership from another church.
Next you will meet with the Session to express your desire for membership.
Last, you will make a public profession of your faith before the congregation and, in turn, the congregation acknowledges their faith in your acceptance.

After the completion of these formal steps to membership in our congregation, we will welcome you with open arms! You will join a long tradition of people who are refreshingly open and remarkably free of factions and power struggles. We are creative and fun-loving disciples of Christ who worship in an atmosphere of faithful love. In a more temporal vein, presbyterians love to eat! Memories of wonderful fellowship are made at each gathering. Fellowship dinners, all-church picnics, brunches, chili suppers, ice cream socials, and the like bring together the people of First Presbyterian--the "Church Where Love Grows."